The Leapfrog Coach – helping you use obstacles as springboards

Have you been feeling stuck, or is there something you’ve been meaning to spring into action on but haven’t got round to yet? If you have, get in touch with me, the Leapfrog Coach!

If you, like me, loved leapfrog as a child, the exhilaration of propelling yourself over a friend’s back, you’ll know what I mean when I say I believe sometimes we can convert what gets in the way into a bonus.

I offer focused individual coaching sessions, with no long term commitment.

On average, people sign up for just two Leapfrog Coach sessions of up to 1 hour each.

In the first half of 2023 I’m offering two Leapfrog Coach sessions for £195, a saving of £55 on my usual rate of £250.

Whatever you want to explore, I’ll work with you to examine what’s working and what you’d like to change.

I’ll support you in setting goals and finding a way to move forward, fast!