Length – three months initially

Leadership style can’t be mimicked. To be successful you need to be authentic and you can only achieve that through understanding and working with what’s true to you.

During the programme you’ll discover real self-awareness together with an understanding of how your behaviours affect those around you. Armed with this understanding you’ll be able to choose those that bring you and your organisation results.

I’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis and you’ll gain insights to help you analyse a successful situation and pinpoint the part you played in that success. You’ll also discover ways to capture these patterns so you can replicate your success time and again.

Over the three months I’ll guide to you to:

  • Create your personal vision
  • Understand how your cognitive patterns influence your interactions
  • Understand how stress affects you
  • Identify your own ‘success loop’ and I’ll help you work out strategies to replicate it
  • Understand where success breaks down and help you identify what behaviours you need to develop
  • Initiate a coaching action plan