In this *three-day workshop you’ll look at new ways to communicate with your clients and create win-win situations.

Clients are people too! They have day-to-day challenges, targets to meet, and preferences. Knowing what’s making your client hesitate, and what it is they really want, will help you build a much stronger relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

It isn’t too  difficult for your competitors to match your product or service range.  But they’ll have a much harder time trying to replicate a strong, long-standing client relationship.

*The workshop may be tailored to your needs, for example to incorporate executive sponsorship involvement and messages. It may also be adapted to run over one or two days.

Over the three days you’ll practise:

  • How to really listen to your clients
  • Posing questions to establish what really matters to them
  • Building a powerful analysis of your clients’ needs and wants
  • Overcoming barriers to action
  • Applying them to real client situations