I believe a company’s success relies on the quality of its people and how they interact with each other and their clients. Any sustainable, competitive advantage stems from people and the corporate culture.

I coach individuals who want to have a greater awareness of their own impact. Working with me, they learn how to play to their strengths and maximise the value of their interactions with others. I also help teams to work in the same direction so they can achieve their targets – no matter how tough.

The essence of what I do is the same whether it’s one-to-one coaching or a team workshop. It all begins with awareness of yourself and others, and good communication.

The way we communicate fascinates me. Ever thought you’d been really clear about something only to find you’d been completely misunderstood or your words had been misinterpreted?

It happens all too often in the workplace. Yet great communicators can make such an impact and make so much happen.

Lack of self-awareness, and of other people’s needs, is usually at the root of miscommunication. You’ll have seen it yourself – sometimes people are talking to each other but they’re certainly not communicating.

My research into the way we communicate, together with my project management background, influences how I work with my clients.

I listen (and I mean really listen), ask questions, and see the other person’s point of view. And that’s how we begin to make communication happen.

And the wonderful thing is, I work with a bunch of people who hold the same views and are skilled in inter-personal communication. I’d like you to meet the team.