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There’s an old black and white Laurel and Hardy film where the pair are engaged to paint a boat and are so uncoordinated with each other that eventually all they’ve achieved is they’re covered in paint and the boat is completely trashed. It makes me giggle every time.

Compare that with Team GB, whose teamwork is justly lauded for gaining them 47 medals at the Olympics in Beijing last Summer. In my blog Team GB – Myth or Miracle? last year after Chris Hoy had won the Sports Personality of the year, I examined the way teamwork had contributed to their success. It intrigued me because before the Olympics I had assumed that individual athletes competed for individual glory, which was a strange assumption because I know that doesn’t work well in the business world.

The concept of teams that perform is something we’re passionate about at Level Vision. Investing some time ensuring your team is united around a common vision, understands what is important to other team members and has a clear plan of action for achieving the vision will have a huge impact on individual performance and overall productivity of the team.

Top Team Tip

Make time for feedback.  Your team comprises many mini-relationships and interactions.  Creating time and a structure for feedback enables each individual relationship to function more effectively and can get rid of any blockages in the system.

Feedback doesn’t work if:

  • It is uninvited
  • It happens at the wrong time
  • It is unstructured

Feedback does work if:

  • It is invited
  • It is expected
  • It is structured

Support your team in giving each other feedback by:

  • Emphasising how important it is
  • Creating a time and space for it to happen
  • Suggesting a structure
  • Doing it regularly yourself

Example Structure for Feedback:

  • Plan a one-to-one meeting
  • Limit the time to 5 minutes each to share your feedback with each other
  • Use a structure like this:
    –  “I feel ________when you do / say _________”(what drains my energy)
    –  “I feel _______ _when you do / say _________”(what boosts my energy)
  • Spend 2 – 3 minutes in a dialogue to clarify (not to justify or get defensive)
  • Agree actions: make suggestions and offer commitments

Regularly practising giving and receiving feedback in a structured way has a significant impact on how team members interact and can prevent breakdowns within the team.

Is it time for your team’s MOT?
How is your team doing?  Do you have a new team?  Have you reorganised and need everyone to realign?  Has your team been together a while and is in need of some rejuvenation?

Contact us at Level Vision if you would like our help to support and build your team’s success.  During our two-day workshop your team works together to create a shared vision, understand how to work together effectively in the future. Together everyone identifies critical success factors and creates team and individual actions plans to ensure you hit the ground running immediately after the workshop.   Visit our website to read more about our Team Workshop.

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